Note: This method requires that you have a theme that supports Shopify sections (all default Shopify themes and most themes from the Shopify theme store do.) Please contact us at if you need assistance.

Step #1 - Select Your Otto Image

Click on the Otto Image you'd like to add to your theme.

Step #2 - Copy The Image Name

Click on the 'Show In Your Store' link.

Copy the image name from the snippet. You just need to copy the image name (not including quotes.)

Step #3 - Navigate To Your Themes Customizer

In your Shopify dashboard click on Online Store then a menu will expand. Click on the sub menu item 'Themes'. Your current theme will be featured at the top.

Click on the 'Customize' button. This will take you to your themes customizer.

Step #4 - Add The Otto Image Section

Once in the customizer then scroll to the bottom of the sections panel. Click 'Add Section'.

In the section options panel find the 'Otto Image' section under the 'Image' category header. Click 'Add' on the 'Otto Image' button and the section will be added to your homepage.

Step #5 - Paste The Image Name

Paste the image name you copied from Step #2 into the Otto Image section. Your image will dynamically appear in the website preview screen. Press save to finalize the addition.

You're good to go! This image will automatically update when you schedule files in the app.