The below information will provide some additional guidance for using Otto in your theme.

Snippet & Output

Snippet: We'll provide you with the below snippet once you create a new image. This snippet needs to be placed in your theme files wherever you want the image to appear.

{% include 'otto', image: 'image-name' %}

Output: The following code will be rendered in your template once a page is loaded. If no link is entered for an image then the image tag won't be wrapped in 'a' tags.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a>

Using The Asset File

If you were to create a new image called 'Homepage Banner' and upload a 'png' file then we'd upload your image to homepage-banner.png in your themes assets folder. The extension will change depending on the image type (jpg, gif or png).

The image file is simply an asset within your themes code. Meaning that you do not have to use our provided snippet. You can use the asset like any other Shopify asset by referring to the Shopify documentation.

This will be helpful if you are using the tool to schedule background images or if you want to use responsive image techniques in your code.

Testing the App

We offer free app testing in Shopify Partner development stores. This is so partners can test and use the app before installing it on a client site. Partners are limited to using 2 Otto images. Install the app through the app store and we'll automatically know if you are installing it in a partner store.