Custom Installation

Otto can be installed anywhere in your store. If you'd like to schedule an image in a custom placement or existing slideshow then follow the below guide.

General Process

Average turn around time is 1 day for a custom installation.

Step 1

Identify Placements

Email us at with screenshots of where in your theme you'd like to schedule an image.

Step 2

Grant Access To Your Store

We'll send a collaborator request to your store so we have access to edit your theme.

Step 3


We'll install Otto scheduling capabilities within your element. The element will retain all of it's original styling and you'll be able to easily enable/disable the scheduled image.

Step 4

Schedule Images

Create placements in the app and start scheduling images. You'll be able to add your placement name to the custom sections so they sync with the scheduled content.

Slideshow Process

The slideshow process is the same as the process listed above except we'll give you the ability to schedule each individual slide. 1 placement in Otto = 1 slide.


Example of a custom installation into an existing slideshow. All original styling is maintained while being able to easily enable a scheduled placement.


If you are a developer or have a developer on your team then check out our developer guide to learn how to add Otto scheduled content to your theme.