Custom Installation

Discover the versatility of Otto with our custom installation options. Whether you're looking to schedule images in a unique placement or integrate Otto with your existing slideshow, our guide below will lead you through the process.

Why Opt for a Custom Installation?

Enhanced Styling & Functionality

If you've explored our official app blocks like the slideshow, banner, and grid, and are seeking additional styling options or functionalities, a custom installation might be the perfect solution. It allows you to maintain the unique aesthetic and feature set of your store while leveraging Otto's scheduling capabilities.

Integration with Existing Slideshow

Do you have a pre-existing slideshow in your theme that fits perfectly with your store's design? With a custom installation, you can integrate Otto's scheduling features into your current slideshow, enabling you to automate one or two slides without altering the rest of your static content.

Unique Content Scheduling Needs

For those looking to schedule unique content types, such as announcement bars or videos, which are not standard offerings of Otto, our custom installation service can adapt the tool to fit your specific needs. This ensures that even the most unique elements of your store can benefit from Otto's dynamic scheduling.

Install Process

Average turn around time is 1 day for a custom installation.

Step 1

Identify Placements

Email us at with screenshots of where in your theme you'd like to schedule an image.

Step 2

Grant Access To Your Store

We'll send a collaborator request to your store so we have access to edit your theme.

Step 3


We'll install Otto scheduling capabilities within your element. The element will retain all of it's original styling and you'll be able to easily enable/disable the scheduled image.

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Example Installations

JNX Sports: Integrating Otto with an Existing Slideshow
JNX Sports had a dynamic slideshow in the hero of their store, featuring captivating transitions and a mix of promotional slides. Preferring to retain their original slideshow over switching to Otto's default option, they required a solution that would allow them to schedule specific slides without losing their existing design elements. We seamlessly integrated Otto into their existing slideshow, enabling them to convert any slide into a scheduled Otto placement. This integration offered them the flexibility to keep Slide 1 static, for instance, while managing Slide 2 dynamically through the Otto app.

Eyebrow Queen Pro: Expanding Otto Beyond Slideshows

Eyebrow Queen Pro was successfully utilizing Otto for their slideshow, appreciating its quick loading times, comprehensive slide scheduling capabilities, and styling customizations. However, they wanted to extend Otto's scheduling functionality to their announcement bar. While Otto primarily focuses on image scheduling, we provided a custom solution to meet their unique requirement. This custom installation enabled Eyebrow Queen Pro to use the Otto app not just for their slideshow, but also to schedule and manage their announcement bar.

Darn Tough: Coordinated Content Management

Darn Tough utilizes Otto across their homepage for seamless scheduled content management. They incorporate the Otto banner in their hero section and the Otto grid at the base of the page, enabling coordinated content updates for a cohesive user experience. While our official app blocks met most of their needs, Darn Tough desired a specific aesthetic to align with their page's style. We assisted them in customizing the Otto grid, ensuring the scheduled text overlays the images. This customization not only enhanced functionality but also ensured that the Otto components visually harmonized with the rest of their homepage elements.

Custom Installation FAQ