Schedule banners and hero's throughout your store.

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Overview Steps

Step 1

Create A Placement

A placement in Otto is akin to an individual frame or slot in your store's visual layout, designed to showcase a single image at any given time. For instance, you can create a single placement for your 'Sale Banner' or 'Homepage Hero' and schedule various promotional images to appear in this space.

Step 2

Add The Placement To Your Theme

Go to your themes customizer to add the 'Otto Banner' section to any of your sites pages. Enter the name of the placement you created in Step 1 into the section. Note: If you do not see the Otto Banner app block then you may have a legacy theme. Please follow our instructions here.

Step 3

Schedule Images

Use the Otto app to schedule images. Images will automatically show in your store at their scheduled time.

Example Setup

See below for an example of how to schedule different banners in your site.

Create Placements: Begin by setting up individual placements within the Otto app for each banner you want to display. Name these placements descriptively, like 'Hero Banner' or 'Sale Banner', based on the content you plan to display. This naming helps you organize and schedule content effectively.

Theme Customizer: Incorporate the banners into your Shopify store by adding the Otto Banner app block in the theme customizer. Input the names of your placements into the respective fields to ensure that the correct images are displayed in each banner.

Hero Banner: Use the Otto 'Hero Banner' to prominently showcase your latest sales, exciting promotions, or new collections on your store's homepage. This eye-catching banner can be strategically scheduled to update automatically, ensuring your most important announcements are always front and center for your visitors.

Sale Banner: Set up the Otto 'Sale Banner' to dynamically highlight ongoing sales and special discount events on your store. Schedule it to regularly update with your latest deals and promotions, capturing customer attention and driving sales with timely and attractive offers.

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