Step #1 - Create An Otto Image

Go into the app and create your first Otto Image. An Otto Image is a place in your store where you want to schedule image updates. This could be your Homepage Banner, Product Sidebar, etc. Within each Otto Image you can schedule as many files to update it as you'd like.

Step #2 - Show The Image In Your Store

Follow our installation guide to add the image to one of your stores pages. Not a coder? - No worries, you can add it to your homepage using the theme customizer. Or if you have some coding experience then you can install it anywhere in your site. This only needs to be setup once per location.

Step #3 - Schedule Future Images

Begin scheduling by adding images to your queue. You can choose a date/time for when you want the image to update, add alt text and a link url.

Step #4 - Sit Back and Let Otto Do The Updates

Images will update for you at their specified time. The new image will be uploaded to your store. The previous image will be replaced and removed.