How does the app address timezones?

When you schedule an image, you do so in your current timezone. The app will autodetect your timezone based on the timezone your computer/device is currently set to. If you need to schedule for a different timezone then you'll need to calculate how that corresponds to your current timezone and set the time respectively.

Where do my images go?

Any active image that is live in your shop is stored and can be found in your sites files (Settings > Files). Any image that has not yet been uploaded to your shop is stored on our secure server. Only your shop while logged into the Shopify dashboard and using the app can access your images and data.

What happens to images that are replaced?

When we replace an image in your store, we delete that image from our server. Please do not use this as an image backup tool. This tool is future focused and you are responsible for keeping an archive of your images.

Will image updates be immediate?

Your update should happen within a minute of your scheduled time. Processing the image and getting it into your Shopify store may take a few seconds. If the link or alt attributes don't appear immediatley then please refresh your browser a few times. The previous settings may be cached.

What happens if I downgrade my plan?

Before downgrading to a lower plan, you’ll need to ensure you’ve reduced the number of current image locations. Go to the scheduler, select a location you don't need anymore, scroll to the bottom and select remove.

What happens if I uninstall the app?

Upon uninstalling the app, we remove all of your data and images from our server. These cannot be recovered. You'll need to manually remove the otto.liquid snippet and otto-image.liquid section from your theme. See here for uninstall instructions.